5. Beata Paola

The winter roses and the miracle of the wine barrels are two of the most beautiful stories linked to the Blessed Paola Costa who, with her goodness and perseverance, converted to charity a husband who was not at all inclined to the good.

The marriage of thirteen-year-old Paola Gambara to Ludovico Antonio Costa is arranged by Count Bonogiovanni. The union is not immediately among the easiest due to the terrible character of Luigi Antonio who not only forces his wife to live with his lover, but tries in every way to counteract the good works that Paola carries out towards the poor and the needy.

One day in January the blessed Paola is going down the external stairs of the castle of Bene Vagienna wearing an apron full of bread to bring to the poor. She is stopped by her suspicious husband and declares that she has a bouquet of roses in her apron. Luigi knows that roses don’t bloom in January, but when his wife opens her apron she discovers a bouquet of magnificent red roses.

The second miracle occurs during a party in honor of her son. While Ludovico Antonio celebrates in the castle with his guests, the blessed Paola secretly invites the poor by serving them a delicious wine. She is discovered but when the the barrel is uncovered, it is surprisingly still full. Deeply affected, the husband changes his attitude and from that moment on allows his wife to take care of his poor loved ones.

Dalla grande sala relax si accede a questa camera ricavata accanto alla torre est del castello. 

Confortevole e intima questa camera ha una particolare atmosfera grazie al muro a vista della torre ed al doppio ambiente che la lega alla sala da bagno ricavata nella torre e che dispone di doccia e servizi igienici in ambiente separato. 

La camera offre un letto matrimoniale e su richiesta può ospitare una terza persona in un letto singolo. 

1 Letto matrimoniale + 1 letto singolo 

Adatta per soggiorni per 1 fino a 3 persone. 



Internet Wi Fi


Digital Tv

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