Chi e dove

Who we are

Le Arignanesi is the name of our small company, created to manage the Castello Quattro Torri property and advertise the town that hosts it.
We are truly two Arignano girls, born and raised in this small piece of the world, deeply tied to our land and happy to be able to share our knowledge with others.

Vittoria, known as Viki, is the historical memory of this small village.
With a degree in pedagogy and after an experience in social work, she chose to dedicate herself to her land as an agricultural entrepreneur and transformed her passion for history into an inexhaustible source of information on Arignano, the Quattro Torri Castle and the Costa family. The texts on this site are definitely her own work and you can also find a thousand insights on the page of the Gruppo Storico Arignanese that Vittoria has been managing for many years and in the book she published entitled “The Counts Costa and the Feudo di Arignano” which you can find in our bookstore or order by writing to us here.


Alessandra, who some in the village still calls Sandrina, is the little one in the house (so to speak!).

Graduated in languages, she has been involved in project planning for years, both in the university field and in the area of large events. Today she divides her time between her career consultant activity and the Quattro Torri valorization project that she shares with Viki and the rest of the family.


Where we are

The Castello Quattro Torri is located in Arignano (TO) in Via Garibaldi 4, a few steps away from the Church of San Remigio.

Of course you can use online maps, but here we are in a small village and if you get lost our advice is to stop and ask someone: we always like to know that there are new visitors!

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