4. Contessa Margherita

The room dedicated to a devoted lady who chose to leave an indelible mark in Arignano. After knowing her story, will you go and look for her traces?


Daughter of Bonogiovanni, we know about her marriage to Gianfrancesco Solaro of Villanova. In her will Margherita establishes that Mr. Pietro Costa, her father’s uncle, must take care of the construction of a chapel to be named after Santa Margherita located inside the shelter of Arignano and near the stately palace.

The chapel was provided with four days of “ploughing land” in the Mombello valley and this must be the case until Pietro Costa purchases goods worth at least 300 Savoy florins, necessary for the maintenance of the chapel and a chaplain who has the the obligation to celebrate Messa twice a week: one on Monday in favor of the dead and the other on Saturday in honor of the Blessed Virgin.

In January 1506 there was the foundation of the lay benefit of the chapel of Santa Margherita with the reservation of patronage in favor of the descendants of Pietro Costa who would take care of providing it with income and purchasing objects and furnishings for the church itself.

Today only the façade remains of this building, secluded in the northern part of the Villa Bianca.

From the large relaxation room you enter the room dedicated to Margherita Costa.
For you, a large room with a retro feel, with a four-poster double bed, large wardrobe and chest of drawers, armchair, digital TV and kettle.

The large attached bathroom has a shower and doulbe sink, to give you maximum comfort.



1 Large bed 

Suitable for 1 or 2 people. 



Internet Wi Fi


Digital Tv