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This story starts from 1400…

The Castle

Quattro Torri Castle is located in Arignano, few Km. from Torino, and it was build from the Costa noble family between 1407 and 1430 when the ancient Rocca, the military fortress of Arignano was declared too unconfortable to be their residence.
The secluded position of this castle makes it less known than the visible Rocca, and it surprises visitors with the four big and rounded towers arising from the green landscape and with the beautiful inner courtyard that every time leaves guests speachless.

The castle and the local history

  • The castle

    The Castle offers visitors a truly unique view, being one of the few buildings that has not been modified over time.

  • Stories and adecdotes

    Our small town is full of history and interesting and curious characters have lived here.

  • Arignano

    A small historic village with two castles and a villa, surrounded by truly unique beauties. The traditions of the past still live here.

  • The park

    Around the Quattro Torri, over 10 hectares of land surrounded by a 19th century brick wall await you for walks in a truly magical space!

  • Events and tours

    In spring and summer the guided tours bring you to learn about the castle and the Costa family to help you discover the secrets of this Castle.

  • Guesthouse

    Sleeping in a castle is a magical experience, available for you in one of the five rooms ready to host you.

Services and events

Discover services and activities at the castle