3. Conte Giorgio Maria

Sleep in the room dedicated to Captain Giorgio Maria Costa, the phoenix of the family who with his thousand adventures brought valor and havoc on more than one occasion.

Born in 1515, Giorgio Costa distinguished himself as a page at the Spanish court and then as a faithful servant of Charles V. During the war against the French in Piedmont, he was in the service of Emperor Charles V who, impressed by his skill and courage, confers him the Feat of the Phoenix wishing Count Costa that his soul will always be unconquered thanks to the heat (grace) and rays (the will) of the sun (of God) that dominates the Phoenix. Becoming governor of Fossano, he refuses the offers of the French and becomes Captain General for the Duke of Savoy against the Waldensians. His picture is that of a man “… demanding, accustomed to taking risks himself, who always had as followers few men of valor…” and it is probably for this reason that he was murdered in 1569.

The room is accessed from the large breakfast room to find a large, finely furnished room. The large window overlooks the park to allow you to fully enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding nature.

A four-poster double bed awaits you, a large wardrobe and dresser, armchair, folding desk, digital TV and kettle. The attached bathroom has a bathtub and shower.


1 Large bed

Suitable for 1 or 2 people. 



Internet Wi Fi


Digital Tv

bathtub and shower